Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Our Vision and Mission is to see Christians everywhere, live life to the fullest, by applying the principles of the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

  • Reveal the Kingdom of God and to manifest the power of Christ everywhere we go
  • Cover the earth with the revelation that all well-being is in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Unveil the Kingdom of God and His ways of doing things
  • Minister the grace of God’s love to all nations
  • Is to teach the word of God with such simplicity and understanding, that it provides clear answers and practical strategies for everyday living! (Psalms 119:105)
  • Inspire each person with this resolve: continue in the word and ways of Jesus Christ so they will undoubtedly experience, emulate, and have the same supernatural results of our Lord! (John 8:31-32)

Our Heart

Life to the Fullest in Christ!

Where our heart is to help Christians all around the world to live life to the fullest in Christ through understanding the mysteries and hidden secrets of the Kingdom of God.  You will find that the teachings of Minister Gilbert are not only filled with wisdom and revelation of the word of God, but are also delivered with such simplicity so that you are guaranteed to leave with practical strategies for successful living.

JGM is a gifted ministry that is equipped to deliver the word of God with simplicity and understanding so that practical strategies and answers can be applied to everyday life!  So get ready to prosper in every area of your life through the anointed teachings of  JGM!

At Kingdom Revealed Ministry our belief is that

  • All people can be saved through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The ultimate purpose and objective of that salvation is to bring individuals into intimate fellowship with the Living God
  • It is through this fellowship, that men learn how to live victoriously through God’s system and His way of doing things