“Oh How I Love Your Voice” (Song of Solomon 2:8-14) By Minister Jaquese Gilbert

  • Oh the voice of my beloved!  It causes me to leap upon mountains and skip upon hills! (vs. 8)

  • Oh the voice of my beloved!  It makes me stand.

  • I anticipate Him at the window of His word; waiting for Him to show Himself from behind the curtain. (vs.9)

  • When my beloved speaks, it causes me to rise and come His way.  Oh how fair is my beloved.  I willingly forsake all. (vs. 10)

  • By your voice, my winter seasons pass and the rain ceases.  The spring comes into view, bringing her harvest with. (vs. 11)

  • For your voice causes flowers to appear on the earth, birds to sing from their nests, and the turtle to chirp from his land. (vs. 12)

  • Oh how even they love your voice!  For the fig tree puts forth her green figs and the vines their tender grapes.  Oh how they smell good…emitting their greatness by the comfort of your voice! (vs. 13)

  • By your voice my Lord I know that I am safe, even in the cleft of your rock.  In the secret places of the Most High, I am one revelation away from breakthrough, for it comes by your voice.

  • Oh let me hear your voice today, for it precedes your countenance.  

  • Oh let me hear your voice today, that I may see you and be changed into the same image (2 Corinthians 13:18)

  • Let me hear your voice today so I can behold your beauty, oh my beloved, and my friend.

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