Article 5: “Reiterate the Name”


Good morning Precious!  I have another life-changing word that I would like to share.  I know it will bless you again.

Our Lord Jesus Christ bears many names.  In fact, each of His names carry the weight of His glory, reinforce His purpose and mission in the earth, and demonstrates His power and authority over all!

For example, within the word of God, we are told that Jesus is:

The Rose of Sharon                 The Good Shephard   

The True Bread of Heaven            The Author & Finisher of our Faith   

The Lamb of God                The Living Water

The Mediator of the New Testament        The Lord of Lords       

The King of Kings                The Resurrection & the Life       

The Head of the Church            The Chief Cornerstone

The Light of the World                The Wonderful Counselor   

The True Vine                    The Lion of the tribe of Judah       

The Prince of Peace                The Alpha & Omega

The Way, the truth & the life            The Messiah           

The Son of God                The Christ

And I know for sure that if you search the scriptures, you will find many, many more!  And as I said before, within His name is His purpose, His power, and the weight of His glory or inheritance for us to receive.  So when we say HIS NAME, it not only echoes faith in our ears, it also resounds fear in the ears of our enemies.  At the name of Jesus every demonic force trembles and flee in terror because it carries a greater authority, an expected purpose to defeat the devil, and a promise to release the Father’s goods into His children’s lives.  (Eph. 1:20-23; Philip. 2:9-11)


So as believers, when we meditate, when we pray, when we declare the promises of God, we need to begin practicing using the MANY NAMES OF JESUS, and watch GREAT power rise within you and soar into our situations!

Here’s one of many examples of using His name in authority while you are speaking:

“Father I come…

“…in the name of He who was, and is, and is to come, Jesus the Christ!”

Father I receive this…

    -“…in the name of He who is the First Begotten from the dead, Jesus the Christ!”

Father I thank you…

    -“…in the name of He who is the Faithful Witness, Jesus the Christ!”

Father I beseech you…

    -“…in the name of He who holds the keys of hell and death, Jesus the Christ!

Father I praise you…

    -“…in the name of He who is the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ!”

Father I bless you…

    -“…in the name of He who is the Author and Finisher of my faith, Jesus the Christ!”

Father I love you… the name of He who is my Redeemer, Jesus the Christ!”

Father I worship you…

    -“…in the name of He who is the Way, the Truth & the Life, Jesus the Christ!”

Saints, if you reiterate His name in your thoughts, in your meditations, in your prayers or declarations…you will cause everything within you to stand in worship and adoration!  

And you will cause your heart to be so encouraged by the power of His name that causes all things in heaven, earth and underneath the earth to bow its knee to the authority of name of Jesus the Christ!


So reiterate His name today and watch your situations miraculously change for the better!

Be blessed & prosperous.

In the name of Him who has made us Kings and Priest to our God, Jesus the Christ. (Rev. 5:10)

Love you immensely, Jacquese

“Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom…”

                                  Mark 4:11  

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